Tall Ships Youth Sail Adventure

The Brigantine ST. LAWRENCE II – Brigantine Incorporated is a not for profit organization. It is a sail training program created with the intent of teaching young people from the ages of 12 to 18 the fundamental skills of sailing. This program has been running since 1954. The training is available is 2, 3 or 5 days in length and best of all, no sailing experience is required to participate! In addition to teaching youth fundamental sailing skills, the Brigantine Incorporated program also provides adventure, challenge and team work experience. Living aboard a traditionally rigged tall ship provides an excellent environment for the development of discipline, self-esteem, self-reliance and responsibility in young people. This environment is augmented by a twenty four hour watch system, in which trainees are always sailing the ship, or monitoring her at anchor with the help of experienced crew members The longer the time of board, the more the sail trainee will learn. Varying weather conditions will also dictate the curriculum. For example, during windy days instruction will include more sailing and pilotage whereas clam days may include more charting and/or navigation. All forms and more information can be found at www.brigantine.ca

If you were unable to register through essexconnect.ca, email us at liler.sxheritage08@gmail.com

Course Code Start Date Completion Date Complex Classes Fees
14281 July 23 – 12:30PM July 25 – 11:00AM Colchester Harbour 3 $375.00
14282 July 26 – 12:30PM July 27 – 11:00AM Colchester Harbour 2 $275.00
14283 July 29 – 8:00AM Aug 3 – 12:00AM Colchester Harbour 6 $800.00

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