Mauro Mavrinac

An artist statement by the artist Mauro, (P.E.)

I was inspired by the wish to honour these Men in the manner of an elegant and opulent Florentine art usually reserved for Emperors and Kings.

As a personal contribution to our Heritage and especially to my Community I wanted to offer what I hope to be the Crown Jewels of the Canadian Bicentennial of the War of 1812.

I named this work  “The Turtle and the Lion”.  The plates are 30″ X 40″, and they are of engraved enamel on glass inlaid with 23 K solid gold.

For each Tribute I made the oval frame and the wood carvings all made by hand.  Because the plates are heavy and large, I chose to display them on an 8 foot easel, natural Birch for Tecumseh and cedar for Brock.

On the left side of the Tecumseh Tribute is is a hand carved flourish of the Four Sacred Plants, Tobacco, Sweet Grass, Sage and Cedar. On the right is the carving of the Snapping Turtle Head holding a 10 foot sash of pure red silk.

The Brock Tribute displays a hand carved Lion’s Head which also holds a 10 foot sash of pure red silk, and on the right is the hand carved Mameluk Sabre, highly prized by European Officers.

It is my wish that the Tributes stay in our community. Should a patron or a group of Patrons purchase the Tributes, I intend to donate the money of the sale to help our young and talented artists, and I would also hope that the Patron will donate the work to the Community. This will be done after the 1812 Celebrations are officially over. For this part of the project I welcome any advice or help.

Thank you, each every one of you for your encouragement and support.
You are most welcome to contact me at:

If you log on to Facebook at: Mauro Mavrinmac, you may see the Photo Album of the Tributes and a few of my other works.

Mauro, (P.E.)
in the Florentine manner

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