Haunted Historical Walk

The Haunted Historical Walk  starts at 9PM on Friday, July 20th. Admission is $8 for adults and $4 kids (not recommended for children under 10). The tour begins at the entrance to the Christ Church Colchester Cemetery (Bagot & Sullivan St.)

The tour will be presented by Monkeys With A Typewriter Theatre Company. Aside from producing a steady stream of originally written plays over the last decade, they’ve also produced multiple Ghost Walks in both Amherstburg and Sandwich Towne and are currently involved with The Phantomns of the Canard 1812 Canoe Tour.

The Haunted Historical Walk is a walking tour that will take a little under 90 minutes and will visit various locations that are said to have mysterious and unexplainable experiences occurring in them.   They will share stories about those strange happenings and provide a brief background of each of those locations.   They will also re-tell some famous old legends from in and around the area.    At the same time, the audience will be provided with a brief overview of the history of Colchester and its surrounding region.




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