About Us

The Essex and Community Historical Research Society (ECHRS) began in 2007, by a small group of like-minded individuals with a passion for history, particularly local and surrounding areas.

This group met and formed ECHRS, with a goal to unite all persons interested in the diverse historical heritage of Essex County and to research, retain, preserve and present historical data pertinent to the region.

ECHRS members and volunteers promote the study of any/all phases of historical research within Essex County.

ECHRS goals are to arouse an interest in the past, and encourage the preservation of the historical heritage of Essex County by publishing and/or printing pertinent and accurate historical materials, hosting public meetings, lectures and exhibitions; and by undertaking a variety of information sharing methods, including publicity and public education programs.

In 2010, ECHRS began an Outreach/Education program, bringing living history into area schools, and preserving our past by protecting our future.

Our greatest Outreach/Education endeavour to date has been achieved with the teaching of younger children in grade one the History of Essex. Also Girl Guide Troop #1, from Woodslee, and an Essex High School History class have visited our site.

2015-Our most recent educational outreach was teaching the grade one students at essex Public School. They were taught all the beginnings of the History of Essex Centre.

This Outreach/Education program will be expanded and refined every year, and should attract more interested parties to the centre, and the realization of what can be accomplished through group effort.

If you have hit a road block in your personal tree search, please visit the centre, and hopefully we can show you new search methods, and get those branches budding once again.

Since our humble beginnings, we have moved into the fantastic 95 year old Carnegie Library building, which was de-commissioned by the Town of Essex when the new Library was constructed.

It was a thrilling day when ECHRS was handed the keys to the building, and we were given the permission to occupy. A host of volunteers packed, itemized, loaded and unloaded the collections to their new home, and there has been no looking back.

We still need additional volunteers in order to accommodate a longer schedule of serving the public, and it appears that we may realize that goal in the near future.

Our current hours are posted on the Home Page, as well as the phone number to the centre. We can always accommodate by appointment type sessions to assist in your quest.

Please make the time to stop by and meet the finest group of people you will find anywhere, and consider a membership….

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